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June 11th, 2007back

Customers will have the option of cashless payment when parking

Valley International Airport has added yet another convenience to their passengers and regular customers as part of their long term commitment of enhancing the customer service experience at the airport.

Now, when entering the short term or long term parking area, the customer will have the option of cashless payment. By simply sliding a credit or debit card with the logo of VISA, MasterCard or American Express, this new system will capture the parking entry lane used to come in, the credit or debit card information, and the date and time of entry. No ticket will be issue. Upon exiting the parking lot, the customer slides the same credit card used when first entered the parking lot and the system will analyze the information with the database, compute the fee and process the credit card. A receipt is granted on demand.

In addition, the customer can still request the regular ticket upon entering the lot and enjoy the convenience of when exiting, to pay the parking fee due at the central exiting cashiering station by first inserting the parking ticket in the transport mechanism, followed by the credit or debit card for payment. Both the parking ticket and the credit card are processed through the single transport mechanism.

"This new addition to our parking lot is the first in our list of future improvements to our parking system. We want to make the entire parking experience here at VIA something that our customers look forward to. Many of our passengers come from the surrounding communities and even as far as Tampico, Ciudad Victoria and Monterrey. We want them to feel that their cars are kept in a modern, efficient and safe environment with added conveniences," said Jose Mulet, Director of Marketing at Valley International Airport.